About Us

- In 2017, we set out to offer high quality and convenient products to our customers. - Our story began. Sleepwear and home clothing for men, women and children. - We have many different product groups, in addition to our priority in terms of quality and cloth. - We are constantly working to produce bigger - Together with our experienced team, we add designs that conform to global trends for high quality products and reasonable prices - For many years the first choice has become innovative and attractive designs for local and international markets, we have written the name of the world of fashion in gold letters , Heroes of our story are endless thanks to our customers. - With Göltekin Group greetings


With us in the world of GULMAX, the world of fashion and fashion, you find our models of modern and attractive design by GULMAX

Why GulMax ?

Why GULMAX Everyone has the right to wear good and comfortable clothes with high quality and superb fabric, our high quality products are very affordable

Goal of GULMAX

GULMAX aims to become one of the most important fashion and fashion companies in Europe.

The secret to this success

Experienced staff is respected and loved for their business and their customers. Each product of Gulmax has a sacrifice and action.

Our advantages

At GULMAX, we work to meet all customer requests by: Summer and winter models and all the gauges, and the finest types of fabrics and the latest trendy models to suit your taste.

fast shipping

Shipping to all countries of the world

Secure payment

Global, safe and reliable payment methods

Excellent customer service

Services upgrading to your expectations